HVAC Cleaner F3 10L

Product Code: 57573


Powerful cleaner for heating / cooling installations with sludge and pollution. Removes dirt and limescale and restores efficiency.


HVAC Cleaner F3 is a widely applicable cleaner for the preliminary cleaning of new installations and the removal of sludge from existing installations. The non-aggressive composition loosens scale deposits and loosens sludge, making it easy to rinse out. HVAC Cleaner F3 is ideal for cleaning older installations without freeing existing leaks. HVAC Cleaner F3 is suitable for passivation of the metal surface before adding a Fernox Protector.

HVAC Cleaner F3 is well inhibited for and applicable with all metals and other materials commonly used in heating and cooling installations, including aluminum.

  • Removal of sludge, lime and other pollution
  • Harmless to all common metals and plastics in heating systems
  • Easy to use
  • To be used with all conventional washing machines
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • ISO14001